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A renowned Ice Plants machinery manufacturer for ice-making facilities We specialize in creating and constructing cutting-edge equipment to satisfy the various requirements of ice production plants around the world because we are dedicated to innovation, quality, and dependability. We provide the ideal solutions for improving your production process whether you’re starting a new ice factory or looking to upgrade your current setup. 

Sewage Treatment Plants Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar, Modasa

“Experience the best in ice plant machinery with our expertly crafted products. Trust our reliable manufacturing for all your ice plant needs.”

Jayesh Industries is a leading manufacturer of ice cream machines for pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and air conditioning applications.

Factory plumbing and wiring The Polaris ice pack unit and automatic ice maker are installed in separate boxes.
Easy transportation.
Easy to install – just stack, connect power and carry cables including power and water.
Ability to make a lot of ice.
Heavy equipment for work purposes. Complete automatic ice making and dispensing.
Screw conveyor or pneumatic conveying system. It complies with CE standards.

Any ice factory must have effective ice storing. Our storage solutions are made to maximize storage capacity while preserving the ice’s purity and integrity. Ice plants machinery manufacturer – That’s a transparent can only be produced with clean, high-quality water. Your ice will be clean & safe for consumption because of the pollutants, minerals, and toxins that our water treatment plants remove. With our innovative control and monitoring systems, you can maintain control over your ice production. Without the aid of using these technologies, businesses can control production settings. We put an emphasis on sustainability by using energy-efficient technologies in our equipment. Our solutions assist you in lowering operational expenses due to high performance.

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